In a recent survey conducted by Jobvite, 80 percent of responding organizations reported using social media to locate candidates; 95 percent stated they use LinkedIn for recruitment. If you aren’t on LinkedIn, you should be. Learn how to create a robust profile  and use their Professional Profile Checklist today.

If you already have a LinkedIn account, here are a few suggestions to help you avoid some fatal mistakes and capitalize on its features.

  1. Remember to turn off your notifications if you are updating your profile. Your current employer may begin to wonder if you are job searching. You can locate this feature in your profile settings.
  2. Use their job search features.  You can search for positions online and download a JobsInsiderToolbar into your browser that automatically identifies your connections whenever you view a job listing on an external site. Networking couldn’t be easier! Learn more about using LinkedIn to Job Search.
  3. Add connections. When you send invitations, make it personal. If you don’t, it is like walking around a party and only saying, “Hi, I’m Billie. I’d like to add you to my network.” Learn more about building relationships and professional networking.
  4. Research companies. In the upper left corner select companies and enter the organizations that interest you. You can then identify the people with LinkedIn accounts and learn more about the company. Learn more about employer research.
  5. Network with USF Alums! Join USF’s Alumni & Friends group to connect with professionals in the field. You will also receive updates on employment opportunities, interview tips and resume writing quick tips.

How else have you used LinkedIn? Post your comments below.

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